So this is a little embarasing but the new image uploaded 10 days ago was also corrupt. 

I found the reason today and an hour later the fix was done. It has been my long lasting attempts to get rid of the InnoDB storage engine. The reason for getting rid of it is that it is to memoryhungry for the poor little Raspberry. Recently I changed the MySQL configuration to not load that storage engine but somehow that setting hadn't gone into effect. Untill now in the new image. And the result was not what I had forseen, and the interesting thing was that parts of the system was functional but many parts where not. (And my testing seemed to focus on the parts that did work)

I have now cleaned up the database and are in the progress of uploading the new image.
So I have now finaly found some time to create and upload a new image. Hopefully this will work compared to that total disaster that happend to the previous image.
My short findings are that the database wasn't shutdown correctly so it worked fine untill I removed the SD-card and made the image to share with you.
Let me know if there is any new problems.
It is no new functionality software wise, just an operating system update (sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade).

Last night I found time to add some functionality I have been thinking on for quite some time.

The signal transform can now include any global variable value just include the global variable name surrounded by $. And it will be replaced by the variables value when the transform executes. (The name is case sensitive)

Second change is for the more advanced user. If the transform starts with $EVAL: the rest of the string will be evaluated as a python expression. The result will be the new signal. I do acknowledge that this is a security problem as you can write any type of Python code here. I will address that later. I recommend keeping to arithmetics and conditional code. Don't think about making filesystem access or similar :-)


$EVAL:"Min temp is " + str(min($temp_front$,$1))

This will output the temperature in the revived signal ($1) or from the global variable temp_front ($temp_front$) depending on which one is lower.

Good luck and let me know what you think or if you run into problems.

Some days ago I uploaded a new image to support the latest revision of RPi hardware. The only change compared to previous image was that I had done operating system update (apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade). However it seems like it doesn't work at all using the database on the new build.

The download page has been reverted to link to the previous image. For all existing