Some days ago I uploaded a new image to support the latest revision of RPi hardware. The only change compared to previous image was that I had done operating system update (apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade). However it seems like it doesn't work at all using the database on the new build.

The download page has been reverted to link to the previous image. For all existing 
14/11/2013 06:52:51 am

I have 2 newly bought raspberries, the automagically image from 5/5/2013 works on the UK produced raspberry but wont even boot on the raspberry produced in China (but it boots stock wheezy just fine).

15/11/2013 09:33:37 pm

I had same problem.

- Took "start.elf" (boot) from a stock weezy,
put and replace the one in 5/5/2013 automagically image. Works, for me. Don't know if it's card related or not.


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