The last couple of days I have got some very nice feedback on my image and a couple of persons that are willing to contribute on parts. That my little work was actually beeing used by someone else was over my expectations and it also wants me to make it work even better.

My coming feature list are as follows (without priority yet)
Build based on Rasbian
Support for input signals from duo
Storage and display of sensor data from duo
Support for USB-uirt
Skinning support for various devices and preferences
Database backup functionality

Please let me know if there are any other features you want. Everything is interesting for me, from ideas to detailed suggestions to source contributions. Comment on this post or drop me an email!
29/7/2012 01:51:28 am

Sounds Great. On my site a raspbian build and json api for developing android apps would be enough :) go on the great work!

David Karlsson
29/7/2012 02:35:36 am

Hi, i havent created any new image but if you install my latest image and run the update script you will have a json interface to get all the devices and which commands they support. Executing a command is a simple http request with deviceid and commandid (that is reported in the json output from /api/devices/ ). Let me know if you need additional support. Configuration is not possible over the json API and I don't have any such plans/requests.

29/7/2012 05:23:04 am

Hi, love your work.
I miss one feature that i would use if it was there, the ability to set on and off times according to sunrise and sunset. Like turn on 30 min before sunset where i live. Hope you understand what i mean.


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