*** EDIT: New release that fixes some of the annoying stuff is planed, might happen tonight (june 26) or latest on friday night (depends on how well the kids sleep tonight) ***
Despite my comment on last post I found one of the two bugs I wanted to solve and the other one seems to be handled in general by the Raspberry Pi kernel developers. So here is the link to download the image. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B-f4Kwg5BylTZmxGM2dvQUNhU3M
Just download and make a 4 GB (or larger SD card).

Then boot your Raspberry Pi and point your browser at it.
All configuration is handled in the Administrative interface that has a link at the bottom of the page, here you can add or remove devices and that is automaticly updated in tellstick.conf (need reboot to take effect). User is allways pi with password raspberry.

If you already have a tellstick.conf copy that to /etc/tellstick.conf, do sudo chmod 666 /etc/tellstick.conf and then point your broser to http://[rpi ip adress]/read_config/

Start by  going to the administrative interface and into Raw Devices. This is where you should configure everything similar to what goes into tellstick.conf - your actually hardware switches. Unfortunatly you need a reboot before changes take effect. (on my todo list).

When you have done the Raw Device configuration and rebooted you can play around with the switches from the main page http://[rpi ip adress]/ . 

Now you can start creating more complex devices. The following exist:
Group Device - Several devices are done at the same time. Capabilites should be ON/OFF and if all sub devices support DIM that could also be set. Example is to use this for whole house off.
Preset Device - Make several devices configured in a certain way. This is per device independent command so one device could be DIM and other could be ON and OFF. Example is to use this for "Movie time". Capabilities should always be Activate and nothing else.
Timer Device - Make a command a defined number of minutes into the future. Capabilities should always be Activate and nothing else.

Please note that all complex devices can act on all other Devices so a Timer Device could trigger a Preset Device that in turns trigger a Group Device. But make sure that there is no "ring" configured this will probably crash the system because of infinite recursion.

All devices share a couple of settings these are:
Name - Used in the administrative interface to identify it
HtmlText - Used for html rendering of the name.
Order - When the device listing is presented it is sorted by Order so if you want to rearrange the listing change number here.
Activate/OnOff/Dim - Capabilites, this is on my todo list to remove as user input. It controls how the device is presented.
Hidden - Not supported yet, have it not set.

Scheduled event let you configure to do a comand at a certain time and weekday.

Known problems:
  • SD card failed writes (http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?uid=8999&f=28&t=8342&start=0)
  • Creating Group devices/Preset devices that contain itself is allowed resulting in infinite recursion = crash
  • Devices are not forced to have correct capabilites: Presets and Timer should allways be "Activate" and that is the only ones that could have that capability. Group devices should be OnOff, Dim only if all subdevices support Dim.
  • You need to reboot (turn off-on power) before changes to Raw Devices take effect

As you see from my description there are still a couple of "not-so-well-working" things regarding configuration, I am working to resolve these. If you install this, please let me know what you think. It is allways intresting to hear from any users.

26/6/2012 07:00:25 am

The update didnt happend today, so I aim on friday. But need to reduce my scope somewhat. Validating ManyToMany relations in Django is a tricky area.

10/7/2012 02:33:23 am

Thank you pertaining to sharing that excellent written content on your internet site. I ran into it on google. I am going to check back again once you publish significantly far more aricles.

David Karlsson
10/7/2012 07:03:07 am

Thanks for your kind words. I will publish what interest me and when I have time.

14/7/2012 11:16:07 pm

You produced some decent points there. I looked on the internet for that issue and located most individuals goes along with along along with your internet internet site.

6/8/2012 07:42:06 pm

Hej. Kan man koppla på switchking?
Försöker att logga in på rpi men inga lösen fungerar? Webbgränsnittet fungerar dock.

David Karlsson
6/8/2012 08:17:34 pm

Switchking är inget jag tittat på så det kräver förmodligen en del jobb att få in det om du önskar köra det på själva enheten. Om du istället vill koppla ihop den med ditt befintliga system så finns det ett enkelt REST api för att komma åt kommandon. För ssh är användaren pi och lösenordet raspberry .

6/8/2012 08:27:12 pm

Vet att man ska kunna köra sk på rpi. Är ingen linux expert men jag borde kunna installera på din moddade image

6/8/2012 08:55:30 pm

Root lösen vad är det

David Karlsson
6/8/2012 09:48:51 pm

Det finns inget lösenord för root för att ur säkerhetsynpunkt ska man inte logga in som root. Istället kör du sudo före varje kommando som ska utföras som root. Detta tillåts användaren pi göra. Detta är oförändrat från de distributioner som släpps officiellt. Mer info finns på RaspberryPi's FAQ/forum.

19/7/2013 07:53:28 am


The comment bykredyty gotowkowe and Minecraft are just spam messages intended toget links back to their urls.

1/9/2013 02:39:12 am

Good reading

22/1/2014 02:41:58 am

The image doesn't fit on a 4GB SD card?
Any advise is welcome

23/12/2014 12:20:10 am


your link from de Image to Raspberry whit Tellstick is not found!
have your a new adress für de Image to Download ?


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