Today I solved the last set of bugs that I wanted to have solved before publishing my initial version of Home Automation for Raspberry Pi. For the moment the source is found here bitbucket. But I dont expect anyone to be able to make it run from that as it requires quite a lot of Apache configuration etc.
But tomorrow I will start to clean up my filesystem and after I figured out how to publish some 500 mb image file I will post a complete filesystem image for a Raspberry Pi here. (made for 4 GB SD cards). 

Features of this release that is still a very early in respect to functionality and quality are:
  • Django based webserver with iphone optimized html + standard html (automaticly detected)
  • Uses a tellstick by calling the tdtool commandline program
  • Possibility to create group devices, timer devices (do something in x minutes)
  • Possibility to schedule events on one or many weekdays and a time.
  • Administration done by standard Django interface
  • Uses standard /etc/tellstick.conf and modifies that from the web interface.

Henrik Skare
20/6/2012 11:50:57 pm

Just got confirmation that my RP is on it's way so will very much look forward to try this out :)

Henrik Skare

21/6/2012 06:17:41 am

I found 2 more problems that needs to be fixed prior release and I am gooing away for the weekend. So this will not happen today as I promised above. Sorry.

25/6/2012 10:48:36 pm

It seems like your doing exactly what i wanted. Got my stuff this week. Gonna check out your source and maybe i can contribute with some thing.

26/6/2012 01:50:23 am

Contributions are allways welcome. I am doing this partly to learn some additional tools/services so if you branch my git repo I might have problems but would love to learn how to handle pull requests.

12/4/2022 08:21:48 am



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