Created today, fixing a couple of problems.

Installation instructions added to a sepparate page at this site.
1/7/2012 12:01:12 am

Very interesting! Tried the image but had a lot of seg faults starting services like ntp, apache and mysql. Perhaps that leap second issue debian seems to have? Anyway, will try to get the Django project set up on Arch. Keep it up!

1/7/2012 06:22:27 pm

Nice to hear that someone is interested. I havent heard of these problem with segfaults. My SD-card problems shows as my (davka003) post in and sometimes result in that celeryd do a shutdown of itself.

Do you have internet access when trying this. As RPi doesn have a realtime clock it is allways set to 1970-01-01 at boot and then NTP sets it right, if that doesnt work perhaps apache doesnt like that date. (Just guessing)

I will see if I can find time to reproduce, but havent seen any of these. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!

David Karlsson
10/7/2012 07:05:04 am

Hi, I have now uploaded a new image with the md5 checksum so that you can verify the image is properly downloaded and written to SD card. (if you are still interested in this)

Rune Lægreid
18/12/2012 01:54:01 am

I am not able to build the image on an SD card.
The image file is 4 GB and the result from RPI SD card builder is less than 2GB. There must be something I don't understand.
Can you help?

18/12/2012 02:34:14 am

What is RPI SD Card builder? Are you running windows I recommend win disk imager that also is what is described in the tutorials at For windows extract the zip using built in extraction tool. In Linux 7zip is recommended.

Rune Lægreid
18/12/2012 04:06:07 am

I am deeply into something I really don't understand so please bear with me. Where does the check sum come into play?

18/12/2012 03:05:18 pm

Hi, I don't have any apple experience with creating SDcards but this is a good source if you haven't seen it already.
The checksum is not needed if you don't want to verify that the download and unzip was correct. An easier way to check is to try the SDcard in the Raspberry Pi.
Good luck if you just get the SDcard done you probably have done the hardest part.

Rune Lægreid
18/12/2012 04:13:19 pm

Got the SD card created with the WidowsxxDiskImager.
The RPi booted and I am in. :-)
BUT in the the graphical environment I see virtually no applications.
Is everything run from the alphanumeric environment?
Do you have sort of a user guide?

1/10/2013 05:32:08 am

This blog is pretty interesting, will add a bookmark, thanks.


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