A moment ago I started the testing of the new image. There are two big new feautures except for some architectural changes that is not very interesting but is necessary for future improvements. The new functionality are database backup/restore so you should not need to recreate the configuration. Second feature are update of the system directly from the web interface.
Basically going forward there should be no need to log in over SSH, making the system possible to use even for non techies.
Lately I have been working on splitting the service into one part that runs inside the webserver an one part that runs in the background for signal processing. All these changes together with some patches needed in python make it necessary to make a new image soon. This will include database backup and restore as well as system update from the admin interface (you should never need to log in over ssh - in fact I want this to work for people that don't understand anything in this blog post). Unfortunately I am working much more right now so I don't have much time to work on this.
Last couple of days I started to work on anther project (I will continue on the home automation peoject as well). This is to be able to stream videos to IPhones so that I can use a RPi+some additional storage(USB) + wireless network interface (USB) as a standalone media server. Yes I know there are plenty of media servers out there but This has one particular focus. Be able to bring in the car so that I can equip my two kids with an iPhone each and have them watch videos on the road.
To begin with I limit the video source to be m.svtplay.se and at the moment I have a working solution that download HLS (http live streaming) files and store them localy, there is also possible to playback individual videos or create playlists that require no user interaction (think "a 2 years old should handle it"). What is currently missing is to get a wireless NIC to work and set it up as access point so that I don't need to bring a sepparate WLAN router to the car.