I have just uploaded a new image, hopefully this works on new Raspberry PIs.

Apart from an upgraded system it also contains a better xpath library for python (lxml) - if you dont understand what xpath is then this will not make a difference for you. I have also installed lirc and owfs-server in default. None of these are in active use with todays software but having them installed makes it possible for me to push software updates that utilize functionality from these.

There is two reasons this image is called beta.
1) I would very much like a confirmation on if this image works on a new Raspberry PI (those with Hynix memory)
2) I have some experimental way to make some optimization to the database, however I am not sure if this will work for all of you.

Before upgrade make a backup image of your whole card. Then make a copy of your configuration (Create or restore a configuration from the administrative interface, Make Backup, Download the new backup file to your desktop computer.

Now load the new image to your SD-card, enter the administrative interface, upload the backup-file and restore from it.
Please let me know if you run into any problems!

I have got confirmation on 1) so this is a fix for this. Please let me know if you experience any problems restoring from backup as that is an area where I have made changes that are a little "experimental".