Sonny Vallgren has kindly enough supplied a plugin to run against owserver that brings 1-wire support to the system. However the plugin require that owserver is installed on the system. To do that follow this guide (it is in Swedish but the commands are there and you could always use google translate).
It works both against localy connected hardware as well as an owserver running on a sepparate piece of hardware. (in any case you need to install it to get drivers and such working).
The plugin is available in the repository so if you upgrade you will get it. (If you dont have 1-wire hardware the plugin will not be visible/activated).
To use it just set correct settings and Enable = True for the plugin at the settings page. The you will get signals in for every sensor connected to the system.
I have no such hardware so I havent been able to test this by my self, please report any bugs to me anyhow and I will see what I can do th
I just checked the download statistics and total downloads are right now at 999. So who will be the one that takes the 1000:th download. Probably no one can tell as that download might as well happen as I write this.
Anyhow it is a truly amazing experience with the reception of my software over the past 5 months and all the kinds words I get about it. Besides the visitor/download statistics that gives numbers that is also encouraging. Normal days I have about 100 unique visitors and some 300-400 page views.
I am thinking about creating some kind of usage feedback on actually installed systems but I am also very reluctant to do so because of personal integrity reasons, what do you think?