This morning I've uploaded a new image. It is not very much changes to the previous one except the software contains the 43 commits done since last time. I have also installed matplot-lib and removed som logging that in the long run could fill up the filesystem.
If you don't want to upgrade to the new image you get about the same system by running sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib
My feeling now is that the remote functionality is taking shape. The latest addition is that pages work, it is now possible to override the CSS for a remote so that
Can be used to change colors of the remote. Just create your color scheme on the leftmost "swatch". Press download, unzip the file and locate a file name something like ...min.css. Copy the content of this file and place it into the style field on the administrate remote page.
As allways let me know if you run into any problems. Hopefully the upgrade system will be more stable going forward.
I have this night decided that remotes are good enough for releasing with instructions on how to configure. That is added to the instructions page next to this blog.
Please remember that this is still work in progress, especially the device state report back on sliders are something I am not satisfied with.
With the supplied instructions and if you update to latest version you should be able to get something like this.