Today I have pushed a lot of updates to the home automation project. Please update your system (and do it twice to get it to work).
Whats new is a new concept of Remotes that is a configure custom pages that control your devices that looks a lot better then the good old default control page. This new system makes it also extendible so that it is much easier to make custom skins. (Ask me if you want introduction to this).

This is still work in progress but I wanted to push all my changes to the source repository. I will update the documentation with a section about this once I solved the most major bugs.

I give you a little treat - a screenshot.
Tonight I am uploading a new image and that will hopefully work well for all of you. It has been a lot of work with restructuring some things combined with a lot of work at work. But now it is beeing uploaded and soon the download link will apear on the Home Automation page.
As allways - I am interested to hear what you think about it! Good night.

** UPDATE ** Download link has now been fixed (I hope)