I have got indications on that the lagets update is not very good for some systems. Unfortunatly i am about 4000 km away from my computer and development environment so I can't do anything about it before the next Sunday.

So do not update if you don't make a full SD card backup before.

(That is recommended to do from time to time)

Edit: I have now (2013-08-07) fixed one issue and I therefor recommend to update again. But to be safe do make that backup of the SD-card.


If you update automagically now you will see some new settings available under system settings. These allow you to configure an outgoing email server (smtp) to send signals to your mail or someone else.

After entering the mail settings you can send emails by making a signal that looks like this: email:[email protected]:subject:text

If default to is set in settings you can leave that out but keep the :

And do not create loops by making a transform that send all signals as emails.

I havent done that much lately to Automagically but last day I found some time and started to interest me in HTML5 and application cache. This is something that should significantly speed up page loads if using remotes (the nice webinterface with buttons).
Just do an system update and let me know what you think. As this is a feature that is difficult to verify and might differ between devices and browser versions please let me know what you think. If you dont like it you can turn it off in the admin interface under each remote.